International Health and Life Consultancy

Our Mission:

To offer clients with a skilled health care professionals’ team to coalesce with modern industry knowledge and experience to create efficient and effective solutions.

CHIBEASE Consultancy trading as International Health and Life Consultancy is a health and lifestyle consultancy company registered in Zimbabwe under the Companies Act (Chapter 24:03) in February 2019. The firm was established in 2017 under the name International Health and Life Consultancy to cater for the health and lifestyle needs of various individuals, business entities and non-profit making organizations.

In 2023 we registered another branch in Zambia under the name Chibease Wellness Group, with the registered number 320230079338 to cater for the health and lifestyle needs of various individuals, schools, business entities and other organizations.

International Health and Life Consultancy has introduced a new sister company (PRO NEEDS private limited) which is now producing healthy and wholesome foods like wholegrain foods (mealie meal, small grain powders (upfu hwezviyo, mapfunde / Amabele, rukweza/ zviyo) etc to our clients.

IHLC (Lifestyle Medicine Specialists) provide health lifestyle trainings to companies, churches, groups, homes, individuals and other organizations. We also conduct one on one treatments.

We are certified by SADC Council of Unified Health Practitioners to treat and conduct health trainings in any African country

The company thrives to bring in-depth tailor-made solutions to the workplace by working closely with clientele in order to design and implement specific health policies and procedures that promote appropriate work culture by putting more effort into employee wellness. Encouraging the prevention and management of cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer and, other lifestyle diseases such as HIV and AIDS through proper eating habits, physical activity and managing stress.

These programs are carefully designed such that benefits of reduced health care costs are enjoyed by all parties involved due to decrease in the number of injuries, diseases, illnesses and premature retirement, caused by a combination of occupational, environmental, life style and social health determinants. In addition, the wellness of the workplace encourages better teamwork, increased productivity and reduces sick leave and workplace accidents. Therefore, an Individual’s knowledge on the causes of diseases and management of a healthy lifestyle are enhanced, thereby having a ripple effect to the community at large through knowledge spill-over and awareness.

Our Vision: To be the best health and life Consultancy Company in Africa, through promoting better health and wellbeing in the workplace, homes and communities now and for the future generations.

We are proud to be one of the professional Health and Lifestyle consultants in Zimbabwe, and we know that our growth and success are directly linked to our commitment to excellence and quality services we provide to our clients. In light of this we are therefore committed to satisfying our clients at minimum costs possible without compromising quality in service delivery.

Over 10 years of Experience

International Health and Life Consultancy offers the full time or continuously health trainings and, professional advices and guidelines to the companies, universities, organisations and schools.


Healthy Meals Tips

Balance nutrients, savor colors. Fuel your day with vibrant, whole foods. #HealthyEating

Nutrition Plans

Wholesome plates, balanced bites. Prioritize veggies, lean proteins. #NutritionGoals

Daily Exercise

Move daily, boost energy. Walk, stretch, and embrace active breaks. #ExerciseRoutine

Natural Foods

Eat nature’s bounty: fruits, nuts, veggies. Pure, delicious vitality. #NaturalFoods

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